Any-to-Any Delivery

  • Each interface can be INPUT or OUTPUT
  • 1-to-many, many-to-1, many-to-many
  • To any selected interface after filtering

Advanced Distribution

  • Filter Processor
    • Composed of a set of rules with AND / OR operation
    • Session-based filtering and packet-based filtering
    • L2-L4 header filtering rule: MAC address, Ethertype, VLAN ID, IP range, TCP/UDP port…
  • DPI-enabled Filter Processor
    • L4-L7 Pattern-based filtering
    • Pattern format: HEX, ASCII strings and Regular Expression
  • Tunnel-awareness filter
    • Apply all filtering rules on in-tunnel packets where GRE / VxLAN / QinQ / MPLS
    • unnel ID (ERSPAN/X-tunnel) filtering
  • Processor Chain
    • User-defined graphs of Filter Processors

Out-of-band Load balance

  • Same Dst IP / Src IP / Dst Port / Src Port sticky to same egress ports
  • Same 5-tuple hash sticky to same egress ports
  • Delivery HA: Re-distribute to link-up egress ports
  • Balance port groups: Max 8 egress ports

Packet Engineering

  • Tag removal: MPLS / VLAN / QinQ…
  • Unpacking Tunnel (Tag removal and re-encapsulation): GRE / GTP / ERSPAN / NvGRE / VxLAN
  • User-defined VLAN tagging for input packets or output packets
  • Packet Deduplication

Monitoring Network Virtualization

  • GRISM to GRISM tunnel
  • Encapsulation: GRE, VxLAN, ERSPAN, X-tunnel

Network Traffic Intelligence Extraction

  • Generate Netflow V5 / V9
  • Generate HTTP log
  • Generate DNS log

Front-line Security

  • Massive Blocking
    • IP / Domain / URL
    • Max 2,000,000 entries
  • 3rd party threat intelligence import

Sensitive Data Protection

  • Packet slicing
    • Preserve N bytes
    • Remove TCP / UDP payload
  • Data mask
    • Replace sensitive data segment in TCP / UDP payload
    • Data segment can be defined in regular expression

In-Line Aggregation and Re-Distribution

  • N network links X M monitoring links (N X M)
  • In-line session-based load balance with HA strategy
  • Intelligent content-based bypass
    • IP address List
    • User-defined pattern in regular expression

PCAP File Prcoessing

  • Stream snapshot in PCAP format
  • Filter PCAP files with timestamp persistance
  • Remote recording agent over L2-L4 switch

Telecom Correlation Processing

  • Mobile 3G / LTE data netwok
    • Filter GTP-C / GTP-U by IMSI/IMEI
    • Subscriber-based load balance
  • Fixed ISP network
    • Filter user-plane packets by RADIUS ID
    • subscriber-based load balance

Virtual Machine Traffic

  • VM traffic redirection by GRISM-V (as a VM instance)
  • Supporting environment
    • KVM
    • VMware ESXi / vSphere

System Control and Operation

  • Web GUI agent for authenticated users
  • Advanced Control
    • XML script over HTTP
  • Management protocol: Telnet, HTTP, SNMP V2
Network Interface 1G RJ45*8 10/1G SFP+*4 10/1G SFP+*12 10/1G SFP+*12 40G*2
10/1G SFP+*12
Hardware Bypass RJ45 port pair *1 External External External External External External
System Operation HTTPS, SNMP v2/v3, GRISM XML script
Data Format Ethernet/PCAP Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet
Advanced Processing 4Gbps 10Gbps 40Gbps 90Gbps 90Gbps
Forwarding and Replication 8Gbps 40Gbps 120Gbps 200GBps 200GBps 1.6TB 1.6TB
IoC (IP/ Domain/ URL) Capacity Max 1M Max 2M Max 5M Max 10M Max 10M
Power Supply Unit AC 110V-220V Dual DC -48V Dual AC 110V-220V Dual AC 110V-220V Dual AC 110V-220V Dual AC 110V-220V Dual AC 110V-220V

Key Functions


Extract the network metadata from packet streams.

Service Bypass

Make the low-risk traffic skip security inspection.


Remove L3-above duplicated packets.

Sophisticated Filter

L2 to L7 session-based or packet-based filtering.

Load Balance

In-line or OOB session-based traffic load balance with HA configuration.


Collect traffic from several sources or interfaces with packet pre-processing.

Massive Blocking

Detect and block sessions by a massive list of IPs/Domains.

Tunnel Delivery

Tunnel for traffic span to support cross-site or VM2VM monitoring.

Packet Slicing

Removing specific section from packet.



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